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Buying vs. Renting a Skidsteer for Snow Removal

 Renting a Skidsteer vs Buying One for Snow Removal

Is It better for my company to buy a Skidsteer or Rent one for Snow Removal?

This is a common question we here guys asking in the industry and we thought it would be a good idea to weigh in. Our experts here at have done the research and gotten a few different perspectives from guys in the industry. We have listed some the positives and negatives of renting a skid steer over purchasing a skid steer for the winter season below. 

Here's what the experts found.

Pros of Renting a Skidsteer for Snow Removal

  • Less Expensive to operate
  • Newer Machines are more affordable than purchasing 
  • Less maintenance 
  • It's an expense well worth it

Cons of Renting a Skidsteer for Snow Removal

  • You don't own the equipment
  • If you damage the equipment you'll pay big
  • They may not always be available

Pros of buying a Skidsteer for Snow Removal

  • Theres always a use for a Skid-steer
  • You own the equipment and add an asset to your business
  • You can right off the purchase 
  • Available when you need it

Cons of buying a Skidsteer for Snow Removal  Loan Payment and Interest 

  • Loan Payment Every Month
  • Costly Maintenance 
  • Parts are expensive 
  • If your only a snow removal company then your only making money in the winter with it.

Honestly there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on your situation. Some guys like to leave there equipment on site and some are cool with hauling it from site to site and just leave a snow Pusher on each job. 

If you need a great snow pusher for a skid steer check out 10ft Skidsteer Snow Pusher. Its a commercial grade plow at factory direct prices. 

Let us now what your company prefers by dropping a comment below .

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