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YETI Snow Pusher - 8ft Skidsteer Snow Pusher - Demo

YETI Snow Pusher - 8ft Snow Beast Skid Steer Plow 

We put our YETI Skidsteer plow to the test last season in Cleveland, OH at an Industrial Complex with nearly 1.5' of snow on the ground. The model shown above is the YETI SB08 - 8' Snow Beast Skidsteer Snow Pusher  on the Bobcat S650 Skid-steer with rubber tires. We know the machine looks a little rough but we like to think thats just an indication that it was hard at work. 

Snow Pusher Features 

  • Standar Premium Rubber Blade
  • 8' Back Drage Blade Option
  • Industry Leading Frame Work
  • Grade 8 Hardware 
  • Quick Attach Skidsteer Mounting 

The Challenge 

This 5 acre industrial lot is paved with asphalt grindings. The objective is to leave as many grinding on the ground while moving as much snow as possible. With 1.5' ft of snow fall on the ground during this demonstration we couldn't think of a better way to put our pusher to the test.

Results are In

 The YETI Snow Pusher made quick work of the lot thanks to its 7 yard Capacity. It got up close and personal cutting close to the grinds without removing any on the first pass alone.

Tell us what you think of the YETI Snow Beast Skid Steer Pusher in the Comments below. 

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