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Best Snow Pusher for Bobcat S175 Skidsteer


8 ft Snow Pusher for Bobcat S175

Bobcat S175 Yeti Snow Beast - 8 Ft Snow Pusher 

The Bobcat S175 is one of the most popular skid steers out there for snow removal. Thanks to its small stance and power it is perfect for maneuvering around parking lots while still having enough strength to move snow.

The best snow pusher for your money to pair with the Bobcat S175 is by far the Yeti Skidsteer Snow Beast Pusher Box. This is literally one beast of a push box. From the material down to the craftsmanship builds the biggest baddest snow plow box on the market.

Yeti Snow Beast - 8ft Pusher Price - $2,200.00

Features and Specs:

  • Standard - 2000 Tinsel 65 Durameter Premium Rubber Blade
  • Demensions - 8ft x 36" x 36" 
  • Large 3/8" Side Panels to Increase Snow Capacity 
  • Grade 8 Hardware with Lock washers 
  • Optional Steel Back drag blade 
  • Yeti " Y" Chain Slots to easily secure the box if needed
  • Skid steer Quick Attach Plate for fast swap out
  • 36" Formed Backboard 
  • Durable Angel Iron Framework 
  • 5" Wide Steel Wear Shoes for a smooth level push

While Yeti Snow Pushers are newer on the market they were built with the issues that our customers constantly expressed about competitors in mind. Like our snow roll for example, thanks to the formed board being broke at a 45 the snow breaks and rolls sooner than it would on a Moldboard. 

But don't take our word for it buy one and see the difference for yourself. It's a Commercial Grade Pusher built for Professional Snow Removal companies and equipment operators. The uses are far beyond just your average parking lot. Use it to back drag aprons, in front of garage doors, grave lots or any number of applications. 

Call Yeti Snow Pushers for more information at 844-463-7286


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