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About Us

A Yeti Snow pusher is more than your average push box. When we say Nothin' plows like a Yeti we mean it. These are the most structurally sound heavy duty snow pushers around. In the middle of a blizzard you'll wish you were behind something as big and powerful as a Yeti. 

Yeti Snow Pushers provides premium snow removal equipment to  commercial, industrial and municipal clients around the United States. With years of industry experience we have the knowledge to and capability to deliver to of the line products and a value to our customers. 

We know what its like to move snow. With years of plowing commercial and industrial facilities we've used  just about every snow product out there and noticed many poorly made products that didn't last more than a season. This lead us to venture out to design top of the line snow removal equipment the way we wish it was built for us.

Our manufacturing facilities our head quartered in Downtown Cleveland, OH. This allows for us to source the highest quality material for our products. 

Don't fear the snow this winter, put a Yeti in front of you to clear the path.