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Nothin' Plows Like a Yeti!

For years there have been myth's of a snow monster so fierce that no blizzard is a match for it's strength. Born in the Himalayan mountains during the coldest winter known to man this beast fears no winter storm. This monster goes by many names around the world some include Abominable snowman, Miche (Man-Bear) and the YETI.

Our Yeti Snow pushers are built for tough cold winters, to take the impact of parking lot curbs and remain in one piece. If your machine is behind a Yeti Backhoe or Skid Steer pusher there is nothing that will stop you from getting the job done fast. 

We offer 8,10,12 and 14 foot snow pusher for Backhoe Loaders and Skid Steers to meet any need your site requires. Perfect for any size commercial parking lot or driveway.  As an added bonus our snow equipment is an eye catching yellow to meet the safety standards of your clients contracts. Take a look at our inventory below for pricing. 

Check out The YETI Snow Pusher at work in this video demo

In this Demo we show you how the YETI Snow Pusher - 10ft Snow Beast makes quick work of 1.5' of fresh snow on commercial asphalt parking lot . Watch how it cuts close to the grindings with one pass thanks to its 7 yard capacity and premium rubber edge. Thanks for the video RCI Cement and Waterproofing.

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