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Yeti Snow Pushers


$ 2,995.00 $ 3,779.00

One Beast of a Snow Pusher 

The Yeti Skid-steer snow pusher was built to live up to it's name. This piece of equipment will prove to be a monster in an snow storm. Yeti's Push box fit's whatever brand skid steer you prefer to operate from Bobcat and New Holland to Caterpillar. This pusher will be the best attachment you come to own. It was built to last you for many salty snow filled seasons.

 A heavy duty design makes this 8 foot snow push box unstoppable. We kept our user in mind while designing our YETI commercial snow pushers. They needed to be just the right size and strength to hold up against the forces of nature they battle through out winter. That's why we choose to use formed angel iron in our frame work. Allowing for the perfect amount of flexibility yet remaining structurally sound no matter what get's in your way.

Skid-Steer Snow Pusher Features  

  • Durable angel iron frame
  • Standard 1.5" Thick Rubber Blade 
  • Large Side Panels for more snow
  • Formed Angel Iron Side Supports 

 Product Specifications 

 Item Length Width Height
Skid Steer Pusher 8' 36" 36"
Ski 42" 5" 3/4" thick
Rubber Blade 8' 8" 1 1/2" thick
Steel Washer for Rubber 8' 2.5" 3/8"
Angel Iron Side Support  23" 2" 2"
Formed Steel Back Board   8' 36" 7 Gage
Side Panel  36"  36" 3/8" thick


Made in America 

We are proud to say that we are Made in America and source all of our material right out of Cleveland, OH. Honest, hardworking America's build our snow products ever day so we can offer you the best quality and over see the entire process. Because of this we are able to offer commercial snow pushers at manufactures direct pricing. 

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